Samsung SV-6333X VCR 用户手册

设备 Samsung SV-6333X VCR 用户手册

Samsung SV-6333X VCR 用户手册

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VIDEOCASSETTE RECORDERSV-6333XSV-6332XSV-2333XSV-2303XInstruction Manualwww.samsungvcr.comPAL

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About this manualContentsGBThank you for purchasing a Samsung Video Cassette Recorder (VCR).Your Owner’s Instructions contain much valuable information on setting up andusing your VCR. Please take the time to read them as they will help you take fulladvantage of your VCR’s features.◆ FOREWORD■■The instructions in this manual are for models, SV-6333X, SV-6332X, SV-2333X andSV-2303X. Before you start reading this manual please check your model number.It is displayed on the rear of the VC

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Contents (cont.)Safety InstructionsGBThe following illustrations represent precautions.◆ PLAYING BACKPlaying a Cassette.........................................................................................Adjusting Picture Alignment Manually ...........................................................Intelligent Picture Control ..............................................................................FORMAT 16:9 (WIDE SCREEN) (SV-6333X/SV-2333X) .............................Selecting the

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Display IndicatorDeciding How to Connect Your VCRGBYou must take into account various factors when connecting audio or video systems:◆ Types of connectors available on your systems17IPC +VNICAM4◆ Systems connected permanently to the VCR (satellite receiver for example) or temporarily(camcorder for example)325Your VCR is equipped with the following connectors.ConnectorLocationTypeAV1RearSCART6Cassette loaded indicatorMulti-function displayIPC (Intelligent Picture Control) indicatorTimer indic

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Connecting Your VCR to the TV using the Coaxial CableConnecting a Decoder for scrambled PAY TV broadcasts★(SV-6333X/SV-2333X Only)GBTo receive television programmes a signal must be received fromone of the following sources:◆◆◆◆ORTIEDAUDIO☛GTV2An outdoor aerialAn indoor aerialA cable television networkA satellite receiverAerialDECODERTVAV1(EURO AV)3Make sure that both the television and the VCR areswitched off before connecting the cables.1Remove the aerial or network input cable fro

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Connecting Your VCR to the Satellite receiver or Other EquipmentPlug & Auto Set UpGBYou can connect your VCR to the Satellite receiver or other VCR using the SCART cable if the appropriateoutputs are available on the equipment chosen. The following illustrations give a few examples of theconnection possibilities.1. AV1(EURO AV): By means of 21-pin Scart CablePlug the SCART Cable with satellite receiver or other equipment into the AV1(EURO AV) socket on the rear of theVCR.After making this connec

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Tuning Your Television for the VCRYou must tune your television for the VCR only if you are not usinga Scart cable➢STANDBY/ONEJECT2SLOWQ-PROSHUTTLEIPCTo view pictures from your VCR when a Scart cable isused, the television must be set to the audio/video mode(AV).1Switch on the television.2Switch on the VCR by pressing STANDBY/ON on the front of theVCR or STANDBY/ON on the remote control.3Select a programme position on the television to be reserved foruse with your VCR.4Insert the video cassett

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Inserting Batteries in the Remote ControlGBYou must insert or replace the batteries in the remote control whenyou:◆ Purchase the video cassette recorder◆ Find that the remote control is no longer working correctly1Push the tab in the direction of the arrow to release the batterycompartment cover on the rear of the remote control.2Insert two AA, R6 or equivalent batteries, taking care to respectthe polarities:◆+ on the battery with + on the remote control◆– on the battery with – on th

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Displaying/Hiding On-Screen InformationSetting the VCR Output Channel★(SV-6333X)REPEATAUDIOTV/VCRDUBYour VCR displays most information both on the VCR and thetelevision.1DEESP222OK3You can choose to display or hide this information on the televisionscreen (except for the Index, Programming MENU and Showviewfunction ★(SV-6333X/SV-6332X/SV-2333X only), which cannot behidden).Your VCR output channel may need to be changed if the picturessuffer from interference or if your TV cannot find the pic

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Presetting the Stations ManuallyPresetting the Stations Automatically☛➢☛PROGOPTIONSINSTALLINSTALLCLOCKBONUSLANGSETUP"❷!!➛❿!!OKBEENDEN: MENUYou do not need to preset the stations if you have alreadyset them automatically (see Plug & Auto Set Up on page 13).Your VCR contains a built-in tuner used to receive televisionbroadcasts.You must preset the stations received through the tuner. This canbe done:◆ Plug & Auto Set up (see page 13)◆ Automatically◆ Manually (see page 19)You can

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Clearing a Preset StationChanging the Preset Station TableGBYou can rearrange the preset TV stations according to your ownpreferences programme number assigned to the station.If you have stored a TV station:◆ That you do not requirePROGOPTIONS◆ At the wrong programme positionINSTALLINSTALLyou can cancel it.CLOCKBONUSLANGSETUP"❷!!➛❿!!OKPress the MENU button on the remote control.Result:The programming menu is displayed.2Press the correspondingSETUP option.3Press the OK button to select

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Setting the AV2 Connection ★(SV-6333X/SV-2333X Only)Selecting the Cassette TypeGBIf you wish to use the AV2 socket for a PAY TV DECODER, youmust change AV2 to the required position.PROGOPTIONSCLOCKBONUS1Press MENU on the remote control.Result:The programming menu is displayed.2Press the correspondingSETUP option.3Press the OK button to select this option.Result:The SETUP menu is displayed.4Press the corresponding " or ❷ buttons, until the cursor isplaced in front of the AV2 option.5When...Pr

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Protecting a Recorded CassetteRecording a Programme with Automatic StopGBVideo cassettes have a safety tab to prevent accidental erasure.When this tab has been removed, you cannot record on the tape.This function enables you to record up to nine hours ofprogrammes. (LP)Your VCR stops automatically after the requested length of time.11If you wish to protect a cassette, break off the tab using a smallscrewdriver.2To re-record over a protected cassette (safety tab broken), coverthe hole with adhesi

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Using the ShowView Feature ★(SV-6333X/SV-6332X/SV-2333X Only)Modifying ShowView Programming ★(SV-6333X/SV-6332X/SV-2333X Only)GBUDIOCREBefore presetting your VCR:◆ Check that the date and time are correctDEESP◆ Insert the cassette on which the programme is to berecorded (safety tab intact)1Up to six programmes can be preset.1OK☛2➢ÄNDERN:➛WEITER:MENU3#❷1/JAN SA13:08TAG BEGINN→→ENDEV/PJA 1 17:00→18:30SP ON---- --:--→--:---- ---- --:--→--:---- ---- --:--→--:---- ---- --

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Using the Quick Programming FeatureThe Quick Programming feature allows you to preset the VCR torecord a programme up to one month before that programme is tobe broadcast. Up to six programmes can be preset.☛PROGPROGCLOCKOPTIONSBONUS1INSTALLLANG#❷!!➛❿!!OKBEENDEN: MENU★(SV-6333X/SV-6332X)1/JAN SA13:08PR TAG BEGINN→→ENDEV/PPROG❿ 1 JA 1 17:00→18:30SP ON-----#❷------------------:--→--:-----:--→--:-----:--→--:-----:--→--:-----:--→--:-----MENU★(SV-2333X/SV-2303X)------1

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Playing a CassetteIntelligent Picture ControlThis function allows you to play back any pre-recorded cassette.SP21Switch on both the television and your VCR.2Insert the video cassette to be played. If the safety tab on thecassette is intact, press ❿II.Otherwise, the cassette is played automatically.OK➢When a cassette is loaded, the tape position is optimizedautomatically to reduce disturbance (Digital Auto Tracking).When playing a cassette, if the end of the tape is reached,the cassette is re

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FORMAT 16:9 (WIDE SCREEN) ★(SV-6333X/SV-2333X Only)Your VCR can automatically read a 16:9 signal from the AV2 inputor a prerecorded 16:9 tape. It can broadcast a 16:9 signal througha 21 pin scart cable.1OPTIONSOSDKASS. WÄHLENFARBSYSTEMIPC❿ 16:9#❷❿:EIN:E180:AUTO:EIN:AUTOBEENDEN: MENUPress MENU on the remote control.Result:The programming menu is displayed.2Press the corresponding # ,EINSTELLUNGEN option.❷! or➛, ❿ buttons to select theMIXUsed to listen to the mixed sound of the Hi-F

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Playing a Cassette in Slow MotionYou can play a cassette in slow motion.➢No sound is heard when playing back a cassette in slowmotion.SLOW1SHUTTLE11V-LOCKCLR/RSTINPUT❿II to start playing the cassette◆SLOW () as many times as required to decrease orincrease the speed respectivelyTo return to the normal speed, press the ❿II button twice.SLOWWhen playing back in slow motion, picture interference may occur.Press the TRK ( or ) buttons to minimize this effect.DISPLAY☛F.ADVTRKINDEXREPEAT◆

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Playing a Sequence at Variable SpeedsGBYou can vary the playback speed using the Shuttle function (up tonine times the normal speed).Example:You wish to analyze a sportsperson’s technique,movement by movement.SLOWSHUTTLEThe Shuttle function is available on the Remote control➢1V-LOCKD1Press:◆◆◆2No sound is heard when playing a sequence at variablespeeds.❿II during playbackSHUTTLE (SHUTTLE (C) to play the cassette backwards) to play the cassette forwards1/ SSHUTTLEEach time you press a