RCA ANT1450 TV Antenna 用户手册

设备 RCA ANT1450 TV Antenna 用户手册

RCA ANT1450 TV Antenna 用户手册


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ANT1450 / ANT1450BF / ANT1450BFV /ANT1450BRAmplified Flat Multi-DirectionalIndoor AntennaAntena multidireccional plana amplificada para interioresUser’s GuideGuía del UsuarioFCC Statement:This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This devicemay not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference thatmay cause undesired operation.Note: This equipment has been tested

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Antenna FeaturesEnglishThe Amplified Flat Multi-Directional Indoor Antenna is packed with features that makeit as functional as it is attractive. Because the antenna is multi-directional, there is no needto constantly turn the antenna to improve reception. And, with its compact footprint, theantenna is so unobtrusive, you can hang it on the wall, stand it up or lay it flat. Its attractivedesign complements any décor. The antenna:• Features a removable amplifier to optimize reception of local

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Setting Up the AntennaFind the best location for the antennaEnglishBefore you connect the antenna, determine the best spot in your home for optimumreception. Visit www.antennaweb.org to see where your local broadcasts are coming from.Then, try as much as possible to avoid obstructions between these transmitters and yourantenna.Because of its amplification and multi-directional capabilities, the antenna receives UHF,VHF, and local high-definition broadcasts, providing quality reception from most

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Connecting the AntennaBuilt-InCoaxial CableAmplifierInsertantennaANT14502ANTENNATV/STB34TVEnglishYou can use the antenna with or without its amplifier, depending on which connection givesyou the best signal. Try using the amplifier first. If you notice that you’ve lost channels thatyou normally receive, try connecting without the amplifier.You can connect the antenna directly to your TV or use it with a converter box.To connect the antenna with theamplifier directly to your TV:1. Make sure you

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Built-InCoaxial CableAmplifierInsert2antennaANT1450ANTENNATV/STB53Converter BoxEnglish64aAudio/Video –or– CoaxialCablesCableTV4bTo connect the antenna with theamplifier to a converter box:1. Make sure your converter box is turnedoff.2. Connect the antenna’s built-in cable tothe input jack of the amplifier.3. Connect the amplifier’s cable to theantenna input on the converter box.4. Connect the converter box to your TVusing either audio/video cables or acoaxial cable:a. Audio/Video cable c

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antennaANT14502Converter Box43aAudio/Video –or– CoaxialCablesCableTV3bEnglishBuilt-InCoaxial CableTo connect the antenna without theamplifier to a converter box:1. Make sure your TV is turned off.2. Connect the antenna’s built-in coaxialcable to the antenna input on yourconverter box.3. Connect the converter box to your TVusing either audio/video cables or acoaxial cable:a. Audio/Video cable connection:Connect the video (yellow) and stereoaudio (red and white) cables to thevideo and audio

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Painting Your AntennaYou can paint the antenna to match your décor. Use only non-metal-based interior paint.Coaxial Cable Installation PrecautionsEnglish• Do not bend coaxial cables into less than a three-inch radius. Tighter bends can causeshorts and can change a cable’s impedance.• Do not install a coaxial cable where it will have a pulling tension greater than 15 poundsduring installation. After installation, make sure there is no tension on the cable.• Use only round-headed staples.