Hyundai IT HLT-2672 Flat Panel Television 用户手册

设备 Hyundai IT HLT-2672 Flat Panel Television 用户手册

Hyundai IT HLT-2672 Flat Panel Television 用户手册


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EnglishOWNER’S MANUALPlease read this manual carefully before operatingyour set.Retain it for future reference.Record model number and serial number of the set.See the label attached on the back of the set andquote this information to your dealer when you requireservice.

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Table of ContentsImportant Safety instructions3First stepSafety instructions5LCD TV OverviewFront and side viewConnection Panel OverviewRemote Control Key FunctionsUsing the remote controlAccessories1111121314Equipment Connections and SetupVCR SetupCable Box SetupDTV SetupDVD SetupPC SetupDVI Setup151617181819Basic Features Setup and OperationTurning on the TVChecking features2121Sleep TimerSetting Sleep Timer22Picture & SoundAdjusting picture controlAdjusting picture appearanceAuto Sound Contro

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OWNER’S MANUALImportant Safety Instruction1)2)3)4)5)6)7)8)Read all of these instructions.Save these instructions for later use.Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the product.Follow all instructions.Do not use the TV near water.Clean only with dry cloth.Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturerís instructions.Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators. heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus(including amplifiers) that produce

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OWNER’S MANUALImportant Safety InstructionFCC INFORMATION (U.S.A.)Note: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuantto part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmfulinterference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energyand, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to rad

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OWNER’S MANUALSafety InstructionsIndoor InstallationWARNINGDo not place the TV in direct sunlight or near heatsources such as radiators, fires andstove etc.NOTESDo not place inflammable materialsbeside the TV• This may cause a fire hazard !• This may cause a fire hazard !NOTESWhen unpacking or moving the TVtwo people will be necessary to lift itsafely.Do not place the TV where itmight be exposed to dust.• This may cause a fire hazard !NOTESEnsure good ventilation around the TV. Thedistan

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Safety InstructionsOutdoor InstallationWARNINGDo not use the TV in a damp place such as a bathroom whereit is likely to get wet.• This may cause a fire or an electric shock hazard !WARNINGIn case of using a receiver (VCR,Digital Set Top Box), do not place anantenna in the vicinity of power lines.• This may cause an electric shock.In case of using a receiver (VCR, DigitalSet Top Box), contact your service centerto construct an antenna because it needsskilled man.• This may cause an electric

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OWNER’S MANUALSafety InstructionsPowerNOTESDo not place heavyobjects on thepower cord• This may cause afire or an electricshock hazard !Do not use toomany plugs onthe main multioutlet.Never touch the powerplug with a wet hand• It may result in overheatingof the outlet and causes a fire hazard !• This may causean electricshock hazard !NOTESHold the plug firmly when unplugging. If you pull the cord thecord may be damaged.Prevent dust collecting on the power plug pins oroutlet.• This may

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OWNER’S MANUALSafety InstructionsUsingNOTESIn case of impact shock or damageto the monitor switch it off andunplug it from the outlet andcontact your service center.Do not allow any objects to fallinto the TV.• This may cause an electric shockhazard !• This may cause a fire or an electricshock hazard !NOTESDo not drop the TV or allow impact shock.• This may cause mechanical failure or injury !WARNINGIn the event that an image does not appear on the screen please switch it offand unplug i

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OWNER’S MANUALSafety InstructionsOthersWARNINGDo not watch the TV whiledriving or walking.• This may cause an accident.NOTESDo not place heavy objects on the TV.• This may cause serious injury to achild or adult.NOTESThe distance between eyes andthe screen should be about1.5m.• If not, eyes willstrain.Unplug the TV from the wall outletwhen it is left unattendedand unused for longperiods of time.• Accumulated dustmay cause a fire oran electric shock fromdeterioration or electric leakage

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OWNER’S MANUAL*FRONT AND SIDE VIEW1. POWER button : Switches TV set on or off.2. MENU button : Displays a menu.3. SELECT button : Selects the A/V source.4. VOLUME (▲ / ▼) : Adjusts the volume / Adjustsmenu settings.5. PR (▲ / ▼) : Selects a programme or menu item.*Connection Panel OverviewBack Panel1. DVI IN : Digital Video Interface.2. RGB-DTV / PC INPUT : PC OR DTV Video Source Input.3. PC AUDIO IN : Connect the audio cable from the PC to the PC AUDIO IN of the set.4. L. R : Audio(L

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OWNER’S MANUALRemote Control Key Functions- When using the remote control aim it at the remote control sensor on the TV1. POWERTurns on TV or off from st/by mode.2. MUTETurns the sound on and off.3. NUMBER buttonsSelects programme numbers.4. MENUDisplays a main menu.5. TV/AVSelects TV, AV1, AV2, S-VIDEO, COMPONENT, RGB-DTV,RGB-PC, RGB-DVl mode.6. SLEEP buttonSets the sleep timer.7. ENTERAccepts your selection or displays the current mode.8. VOL+/- buttonAdjusts the sound level./ Adjusts the me

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OWNER’S MANUALRemote Control Key FunctionsTV/AV select button on the remote controlEach press of this button changes the mode as shown belowAV1AV2TVS-VIDEOCOMPONENTRGB-DVIRGB-PCRGB-DTVMULTI MEDI select button on the remote controlEach press of this button changes the mode as belows.COMPONENTRGB-DTVRGB-DVIRGB-PCUsing the remote controlInstalling batteries• Open the battery compartment cover on the back of theremote control and insert the batteries with correct polarity,match “+” with “+

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OWNER’S MANUALUsing the remote controlNotes for using the remote controlMake sure these are no objectsbetween the remote control andits sensor.Don’t place the remote controlnear a heater or damp place.Strong impact on the remotecontrol may cause operationfailure.Signal from the remote controlmay be disturbed by sun light orother strong light. In this case,turn the set to other direction.AccesoriesAccesoriesRemote controlOwner’s ManualPower cordAlkaline batteriesSpeakerOptionD-sub 15 pin ca

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OWNER’S MANUALVCR Setup• Connect an antenna or a RCA Cable between the ANTENNA jack on the rear of the TV and the ANTENNAOUT jack on the VCR.• Connect the RCA Jack of the VCR to the RCA AV1 or AV2 of the set.• Press the PLAY button on the VCR.• When connecting the S-VIDEO VCR to the S-VIDEO socket, the picture quality will be further improved.• Connect the S-VIDEO socket of the VCR to the S-VIDEO socket of the set.• Connect the audio cable from the S-VIDEO VCR to the AUDIO sockets

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OWNER’S MANUALCable Box Setup• After subscribing to cable TV service from a local provider and installing a converter, you can watch cable TVprograms.Connection of external equipmentTips• For further information regarding cable TV service, contact your local cable TV service proviser(s).To watch Cable TV1Press TV/AV button on the remote control and select VIDEO source.2Tune to cable service provided channels using the cable box.

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OWNER’S MANUALDTV Setup(SET-TOP BOX)- To watch digital broadcast programs, purchase/connect a digital SET-TOP BOX.How to connect a DTV• You can use either the Monitors COMPONENT(DVD/DTV/INPUT) inputs or the single RGB-DTV/PCINPUT for video connections, depending on yourSet Top Box connectors.Then, make the corresponding Audio connections.• DTV input is available to 480i/p, 720p, 1080i mode.Connection of external equipmentTo watch SET-TOP BOX1Press TV/AV button on the remote control to sele

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OWNER’S MANUALDVD SetupHow to connect a DVD (digital video disk player)• Connect DVD video inputs to Y, Pb, Pr of COMPONENT (DVD/DTV INPUT) and audio inputs to Audiojacks of AV INPUT.• Component Input is available to 480i/p, 720p, 1080i mode.How to use• Press TV/AV button on the remote control of the TV to select COMPONENT. Use the DVD player accordingto its owner°Øs manual.•Turn on the DVD player, and insert a DVD.• Component Input portsConnect DVD player jacks to TV Component inp

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OWNER’S MANUALPC SetupPC Setup• First, turn on the PC computer and press the ON/OFF button on the TV to apply power to it. Second, turnon the display by pressing the button on the TV or by pressing the POWER button on the TV remotecontrol.• Use the TV/AV button on the remote control to select the RGB-PC input source.• Set the resolution output of the PC to WXGA or under (1366X768, 60Hz).Tips• Avoid keeping a fixed image on the TV screen for a long period of time. The fixed image may be