Wibur Curtis Company CBP Coffeemaker 用户手册

设备 Wibur Curtis Company CBP Coffeemaker 用户手册

Wibur Curtis Company CBP Coffeemaker 用户手册


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G3 DIGITAL COMBO BREW SYSTEMSMODELS: CBS, CBPRevolutionary DesignTWO Ultra-Precision Inlet Valvesand Water Level Sensor System provideunsurpased tea flavorITEM NOPROJECTDATEFEATURES AT A GLANCE• G3 Digital Control Module (G3/Technology) – CBS10000 ComboBrew SystemShown with TCO421 Oval Tea Dispenser (L)and TLXA-22 Airpot Coffee Dispenser (R).Safety switchensures tea brewingonly when propervessel is in placeCBP10000 Low Profile ComboBrew SystemShown with standard TCO308 Oval Tea Dispenser(L)

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9"(230.2cm)3.625"(92.1cm)16.5"(420.7cm)1.125”(27.3cm)1.125"(27.3cm)3 1/4"(82.7cm)34"(864cm)CBS14"(355.6cm)23.125"(586.1cm)30"(762.4cm)(Dispenser Not Included)8.25"(209.6cm)11.375"(289.4cm)5.25"(134.2cm)10.125"(255.8cm)20.875"(529.4cm)3.6875”16.5”11.4375”CBPLow Profile10.3125”14.125”9.3125”(TCO 308 Dispenser Included)11.125”8.25”13.5”9.375”20.875”22.5”CBSCBP3 to 5 Gallons34” x 10.125” x 20.875”N/A120AVAC/60Hz1675W/14A6 ft/NEMA 5-15P1/4” Flare38 lbs.9.143 Gallons2