Danby DWM045WDB Washing Machine 用户手册

设备 Danby DWM045WDB Washing Machine 用户手册

Danby DWM045WDB Washing Machine 用户手册


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1-800-263-2629(1-800-26-DANBY)DO NOT RETURN THIS UNIT TO THE RETAILERWITHOUT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONSDear valued customer, we hope your Danby product purchase fulfills allyour requirements. Your satisfaction is our priority!Please contact us at our toll free consumer service number for any inquiriesyou may have about your new unit.NE PAS RETOURNER CET APPAREIL CHEZ LEDÉTAILLANT SANS CONSIGNES SUPPLÉMENTAIRESCher(ère) client(e) important(e), nous espérons que votre produit Danbyrépond à tous vo

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CONTENTSTABLE DES MATIÈRESPORTABLE WASHING MACHINEOwner’s Use and Care Guide .........................................1-13• Welcome• Important Safety Information• Features• Installation Instructions• Operation Instructions• Care and Maintenance• Troubleshooting• WarrantyLAVEUSE À CHARGEMENT SUPERIEURGuide d’utilisation et d’entretien du propriétaire........14-26• Bienvenue• Consignes de sécurité importantes• Caractéristiques• Consignes d’installation• Cons

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Thank you for choosing DanbyWe know you’re excited. We are too! However, the more familiar you are with your new appliance, the better experience you willhave. We therefore strongly suggest that you read this Owner’s Manual before plugging in your new appliance. It containsimportant operational information that will help you make full use of the technical features available in your Danby appliance. Themanual also contains information designed to enhance operating reliability and safety, as w

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Important Safety InformationREAD AND FOLLOW ALL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSFOR YOUR SAFETY: Read these instructions carefully before operating the unit.SAFETY PRECAUTIONS••••Read all instructions before using the portable washer.Do not wash articles that have been previously cleaned in, washed in, soaked in, or spotted with gasoline, dry-cleaning solvents, or other flammable or explosive substances, as they give off vapours that could ignite or explode.Do not add gasoline, dry-cleaning solvents,

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Installation Instructions1. CaseInner TubControl PanelBaseNoise Proof PlateAdjustable Foot or RollerDrain HosePower Supply CordAgitatorInlet Hoses (Please turn off thetap after use)11023948756Inlet HoseInlet HoseNoise Proof PlateConnectorRoller1 piece1 piece(2 sets of screws)1 piece1 piece4 piecesBEFORE USING YOUR PORTABLE WASHERRemove the exterior and interior packing.You will need the following tools:• Wrench• Pliers• ScrewdriverCheck to be sure you have all o

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Installation InstructionsBEFORE USING YOUR PORTABLE WASHER••••••Do not under any circumstances cut or remove the third (ground) prong from the power cord. Any questions concerning power and/or grounding should be directed toward a certified electrician.Plug the washer into an exclusive, properly installed-grounded wall outlet.Don’t use excessively hot water (50°C / 122°F or more). Plastic parts may be deformed or damaged. Also, clothingmay be deformed or bleached.Before washing,

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Installation InstructionsINSTALLING A NOISE PROOF PLATETake the noise proof plateout of the package.The opening of the noiseproof plate is at the bottom of the machineInsert the noise proofplate into the washingmachine baseLay down the machineand secure the noiseproof plate by fasteningthe two (2) screws.CONNECTING THE WATER SUPPLY HOSEWATER FAUCETStandard 3/4 InchWater supply faucets must fit standard 3/4 inch (19.05mm) female garden hosecouplings. Do not use slip-on or clamp-on connections.Not

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Installation InstructionsCONNECTING THE WATER SUPPLY HOSEConnect the water inlet hose to the connector by turningthe connecting nut. Be sure a rubber ring is inside theconnecting nut.RubberMake sure you leave the hot water lid attached. Do notunscrew the lid of the hot water connector on the watermixing valve and then connect the other end of the waterinlet hoses to the cold connector in water mixing valve byturning the connecting nut.Hot waterconnectorRubberringringWater inlet hosePlateReleaseb

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Installation InstructionsPOSITIONING THE DRAIN HOSEConnect the drain hose to the water outlet of the washing machine thenfasten it with a hose clamp. Vertical drainage is available only, the drain hosecan be put in the basin or bathtub, as long as the drain hose range is 0.7 m(70 cm) low to 1.2 m (120 cm) high.CONNECTING THE POWER CORDNote: Make sure the power socket is a grounded socket and a 15 amp fuse.Warning:• The plug is a 3 prong grounding plug, do not tamper with or modify the plug. If

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Operating InstructionsPREPARATION1. Connect inlet hose / hoses to the3. Plug the unit into the socket. Forwater faucet. Don’t turn on the power if safety, make sure the plug and socketthe water pressure is lower than 7 PSI have a grounded connection.and higher than 0.5 Mpa.2. Turn on the faucet.4. Insert the end of the drain hoseinto the hook shelf and hang the drainhose over a drain outlet. Secure thehose so it will not fall to the floor.5. Put the wash load into the tub.7. Close the lid. If

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Operating InstructionsCONTROL PANEL1. Water Level Button - Press to select water level.2. Water Supply Button - Press this button to select water temperature.3. Program/Delay Button - Press this button to select the program you need, press again to select the delay time youwould like to set.4. Start/Pause Button - Press this button to start/pause the washing machine.5. Power Button - Press this button to turn the unit on and off. Do not turn on the unit again until 3 minutes after it wasturned o

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Operating InstructionsOPERATING1. Turn on the power supply. Press the POWER button and the indicator light “00” willilluminate.2. Choose a program. The selected program code will display. Press the PROGRAMbutton to choose the desired function, the corresponding indicator will blink. For example, if you select “Auto Wash” the unit will indicate cycle “01.” Press the “START/PAUSE” button, the washing machine will run automatically. Close the lid, or themachine will not operate.3. C

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Care and MaintenanceCLEANING THE FILTER IN THE INLET VALVE1. Unplug the power cord2. Remove the inlet hose andclean the filter with a brush.•Clean the surface of thewashing machine with a softcloth regularly.•Clean the inner tub regularly, especially after washing starched or bleachedlaundry.CLEANING THE LINT FILTER1. Remove the filter frame bypulling it upward••••2. Turn the filter inside out andwash the lint off the filter withwater3. Insert the filter frame into theagitator as it

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TroubleshootingERROR CODES•••••E1 - Unable to drain - Check the placement of the drain hose or see if the hose or drain are blocked.E2 - Spin malfunction - Check to see if the lid is closed completely, service may be needed.E3 - Unable to spin - Uneven load, the machine is on an uneven surface.E4 - Unit failed to fill with water - The water supply may be off, the inlet valve filter is blocked, water pressure is notstrong enough.E0 - The unit beeps for 10 seconds when the START/PAUSE bu

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LIMITEDIN-HOMEAPPLIANCEWARRANTYLIMITEDIN-HOMEAPPLIANCEWARRANTYThis quality product is warranted to be free from manufacturer’s defects in material and workmanship, provided that the unit isused under the normal operatingThisqualityproductwarranted to be free from manufacturer’s defects in material and workmanship, provided that the unit isconditionsintendedby theismanufacturer.used under the normal operating conditions intended by the manufacturer.This warranty is available only to the perso

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Merci d’avoir choisi DanbyNous savons que vous êtes excité. Nous sommes aussi! Cependant, le plus que vous vous familiarisez avec votrenouvel appareil, le mieux va être votre expérience. Nous suggérons donc de lire ces instructions avant connecter votrenouvel appareil. Ce manuel contient des informations opérationnel important qui vous aidera à faire un usage pleine de lescaractéristiques techniques disponibles dans votre appareil Danby. Le manuel contient également des informations c

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Consignes de sécurité importantesPRENDRE CONNAISSANCE DE TOUTES LES INFORMATIONSRELATIVES À LA SÉCURITÉ AVANT D’UTILISER LE PRODUITPOUR VOTRE SÉCURITÉ : Veuillez lire ces consignes attentivement avant de faire fonctionner l’appareil.MESURES DE SÉCURITÉ••••Veuillez lire toutes ces consignes avant d’utiliser la laveuse portative.Ne lavez aucun article ayant été auparavant lavé, nettoyé, ou dont les taches ont été traitées avec de l’essence, dessolvants pour nettoyag

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Consignes d’installation1. du détergentCuve intérieurePanneau de commandeBasePlaque insonoriséePied réglableTuyau d’évacuationCordon d’alimentationAgitateurTuyaux d’admission (Fermez lerobinet après l’utilisation)11023948756D’admissionD’admissionPlaque insonoriséeRaccordRoulette1 pièce(2 jeu de vis)1 pièce1 pièce4 pièces1 pièceAVANT D’UTILISER VOTRE LAVEUSE PORTATIVEEnlevez les emballages extérieur et intérieurVous aurez besoin des ou

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Consignes d’installationAVANT D’UTILISER VOTRE LAVEUSE PORTATIVE••••••Sous aucun prétexte, vous ne devez couper ou enlever la troisième broche (mise à la terre) de la fiche du cordonélectrique. Pour toute question relative à l’alimentation ou à la mise à la terre, faites appel à un électricien qualifié.Branchez la laveuse à une prise murale exclusive, correctement mise à la terre.N’utilisez pas de l’eau chaude à l’excès (température égale ou supérieure à