Danby DPA120HB1WDB Air Conditioner 用户手册

设备 Danby DPA120HB1WDB Air Conditioner 用户手册

Danby DPA120HB1WDB Air Conditioner 用户手册


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ContentsPORTABLE AIR CONDITIONEROwner’s Use and Care Guide• Welcome ............................................................. 2• Safety Instructions .............................................. 3-4• Identifying Parts .................................................. 4-6• Features .............................................................. 6-7• Operating Instructions ......................................... 8-9• Installation Instructions ..................................

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WelcomeThank you for choosing a Danby appliance to provide you and your family with all of the “Home Comfort” requirementsof your home, cottage, or office. This Owner’s Use and Care Guide will provide you with valuable information necessaryfor the proper care and maintenance of your new appliance. If properly maintained, your Danby appliance will give youmany years of trouble free operation. Please take a few moments to read the instructions thoroughly and familiarizeyourself with all of t

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Important Safety InformationREAD AND FOLLOW ALL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSTo prevent injury to the user or other people and property damage, the following instructions must be followed.Incorrect operation resulting from to ignoring these instructions may cause harm or damage.SAFETYPRECAUTIONSALWAYS DO THISYour air conditioner should be used in such a way that it is protectedfrom moisture. e.g. condensation, splashed water, etc. Do not place orstore your air conditioner where it can fall or be pulled in

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Important Safety InformationREAD AND FOLLOW ALL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSTo prevent injury to the user or other people and property damage, the following instructions must be followed.Incorrect operation resulting from to ignoring these instructions may cause harm or damage.ENERGY SAVINGTIPS•••••Use the unit in the recommended room size.Locate the unit where furniture cannot obstruct the air flow.Keep blinds/curtains closed during the sunniest part of the day.Keep the filters clean.Keep door

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Identifying PartsACCESSORIESPARTSorPART NAMEQUANTITYExhaust hose and apaptor /adaptor B (flat mouth orround mouth depending onmodels).1 setWindow slider kit and boltAUT OCOOLDR YHE ATTEMPFANHIGHMEDLO WTIMER ONTIMER OFFON/OFF FAN SPEEDECONOMYLEDDISPLAY TURBORESE T LOC KFOLLO WMEIONSWINGMODEWall exhaust adaptor A*1 setAdaptor B (round mouth)*1 pcExpansion plug andwood screw*4/ pcFoam seal3/pcRemote Controller andBattery (For remote controlmodels only)1setDrain hose and drain hoseadaptor.*1pcNOTE:

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Identifying PartsREAR5Fig.2Upper air filter (Behind the grille)6 Upper air intake7 Air outlet8 Drain outlet (only for pump heating model)9 Power cord outlet10 Power cord buckle (used only when storingthe unit)11 Bottom tray drain outlet12 Power plug socket (use only when storingthe unit)13 Lower air filter (behind the grill)14 Lower air intake15 Drain outletFeaturesELECTRONIC CONTROLINSTRUCTIONSBefore you begin, thoroughly familiarize yourself with the control paneland remote controller and all

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FeaturesELECTRONIC CONTROLINSTRUCTIONS1POWER buttonTurns power on/off.2SLEEP buttonUsed to initiate the SLEEP operation.3FAN buttonControls the fan speed. Press to select the fan speed in two steps:LOW and HIGH. The fan speed indicator light illuminates under different fan speed settings.ION button(select models)Press the ION button, the ion generator is energized and begins toremove pollen and impurities from the air, and trap them in the filter.Press it again to stop the function.4UP (+) and D

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Operating InstructionsELECTRONIC CONTROLINSTRUCTIONS (con’t)OPERATING MODES9FOLLOW ME/TEMP SENSING feature (select models only)NOTE: This feature can be activated from the remote control ONLY.The remote control serves as a remote thermostat allowing forprecise temperature control at its location.To activate the Follow Me/Temp Sensing feature, point the remotecontrol towards the unit and press the Follow Me/TempSensing button. The remote display is actual temperature at its location. The remote

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Operating InstructionsOPERATING MODES(con’t)SLEEP cycleThis unit features an operation mode that is designed to keep youcomfortable while sleeping, and save you money on your energy bill.Simply press the sleep button. Depending on whether the unit is in heating or cooling mode, the temperature will either increase (cooling mode)or decrease (heating mode) by 1°C / 2°F every half hour for 1 hour. It willthen hold this new temperature for 7 hours before returning to the originaltemperature sett

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Installation InstructionsLOCATION• The air conditioner should be placed on a firm foundation to minimizenoise and vibration. For safe and secure positioning, place the unit on asmooth, level floor strong enough to support the unit.• The unit has casters to aid placement, but it should only be rolled oversmooth, flat surfaces. Use caution when rolling over carpeted surfaces.Use caution and protect floors when rolling over wood floors. Do notattempt to roll the unit over objects.• The unit m

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Installation InstructionsINSTALLATION IN ADOUBLE- HUNG SASHWINDOW1. Measure the adhesive foam seal to fit the window stool. Then cut thefoam seal to the proper length and attach it to the window stool. Fig.92. Adjust the length of the window slider kit to fit the width of the window.Shorten the adjustable window kit to fit the width of the window is lessthan 27 inches. Open the window sash and place the window slider kiton the window stool. Fig.103. Cut the foam seal (adhesive type) to the prope

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Installation InstructionsINSTALLATION IN ASLIDING SASHWINDOW1. Measure the adhesive foam seal to fit the window stool. Cut the foamseal (adhesive type) to the proper length and attach it to the windowframe. See Fig.13.2. Adjust the length of the window slider kit according to the height ofwindow, shorten the adjustable window kit if the height of window isless than 27inches. Open the window sash and place the window sliderkit on the window stool. See Fig.14.3. Cut the foam seal (adhesive type) t

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Installation InstructionsEXHAUST HOSEINSTALLATION:The exhaust hose and adaptor must be installed or removed inaccordance with the usage mode:COOL,HEAT(heat pump type) or AUTO modeInstallFAN, DEHUMIDIFY or HEATmodeRemove1. Install the window exhaust adaptor B onto the exhaust hose as shownin Fig.17. or Fig.18. Refer to the previous pages for window kitinstallation.2. Insert the exhaust hose into the rear air outlet opening along the arrowdirection (See Fig.19).• The hose can be compressed or ex

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Installation InstructionsWATER DRAINAGEFig.22aContinuousdrain hoseRemove theupper drainplugDrain hoseadaptorFig.22bContinuousdrain hose• During dehumidifying modes, remove the upper drain plug from theback of the unit, install the drain connector (5/8” universal female connecter) with 3/4” hose (not included). For the models without a drain connector, just attach the drain hose to the hole. Place the open end of thehose directly over the drain area in your basement floor. Please refer toFi

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Care and MaintenanceIMPORTANT1) Be sure to unplug the unit before cleaning or servicing.2) Do not use gasoline, paint thinner or other chemicals to cleanthe unit.3) Do not wash the unit directly under a tap or using a hose.It may cause electrical damage.4) If the power cord is damaged, contact the service depotimmediately.AIR FILTERClean the air filter at least once every two weeks. Accumulation of dustwill hinder fan operation.REMOVALThis unit has two filters. Lift the upper filter out in the d

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TroubleshootingOccasionally, a problem may arise that is minor in nature, and a service call may not be necessary. Use this troubleshooting guide for a possible solution. If the unit continues to operate improperly, call an authorized service depot orDanby’s Toll Free Number 1-800-263-2629 for assistance.PROBLEMPOSSIBLE CAUSESOLUTION• P1 appears in the display window• Drain the water in the bottom tray.• Room temperature is lower thanthe set temperature. (Cooling mode)• Reset the tempe

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LIMITED IN-HOME APPLIANCE WARRANTYThis quality product is warranted to be free from manufacturer’s defects in material and workmanship, provided that the unit is used under the normal operatingconditions intended by the manufacturer.This warranty is available only to the person to whom the unit was originally sold by Danby Products Limited (Canada) or Danby Products Inc. (U.S.A.) (hereafter“Danby”) or by an authorized distributor of Danby, and is non-transferable.TERMS OF WARRANTYPlastic p

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BienvenueMerci d’avoir choisi un appareil Danby qui vous fournira ainsi qu’à votre famille, le confort au foyer, à la maison, auchalet ou au bureau. Ce manuel d’utilisation vous offre des renseignements pratiques pour le soin et l’entretien de votrenouvel appareil. Un appareil Danby bien entretenu vous fournira plusieurs années de service sans ennui.Veuillez prendre quelques moments pour lire attentivement toutes les directives pour vous renseigner et vousfamiliariser avec tous les as

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Consignes de sécurité importantLISEZ TOUTE L'INFORMATION DE SÉCURITÉ AVANT UTILISATIONPOUR VOTRE SÉCURITÉ : Lisez ces instructions attentivement avant d’utiliser l’appareil et conservez-les afinde pouvoir vous y référer ultérieurement.PRÉCAUTIONS DESÉCURITÉSUIVEZ TOUJOURS CES CONSIGNES:L'appareil doit être utilisé dans un endroit à l'abri de l'humidité, commela condensation, les éclaboussures d'eau, etc. Ne le placez pas dansun endroit où il pourrait tomber dans l'eau ou d'