Danby DAC060EB2GDB Air Conditioner 用户手册

设备 Danby DAC060EB2GDB Air Conditioner 用户手册

Danby DAC060EB2GDB Air Conditioner 用户手册


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TO OBTAIN WARRANTY SERVICE YOU MUST PROVIDE A VALID PROOF OFPURCHASE. PLEASE STAPLE YOUR RECEIPT TO THIS PAGE FOR FUTUREREFERENCE.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------POUR OBTENIR LE SERVICE SUR GARANTIE VOUS DEVEZ FOURNIR UNEPREUVE D’ACHAT VALIDE. VEUILLEZ AGRAFER VOTRE REÇU À CETTE PAGEPOUR RÉFÉRENCE FUTURE.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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CONTENTSAIR CONDITIONEROwner’s Use and Care Guide ................................1-16• Welcome• Important Safety Information• Features• Installation Instructions• Operation Instructions• Care and Maintenance• Troubleshooting• WarrantyCLIMATISEURGuide d’utilisation et d’entretien du propriétaire...17-32• Bienvenue• Consignes de sécurité importantes• Caractéristiques• Consignes d’installation• Consignes d’utilisation• Soins et entretien• Dépannage• G

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WELCOMEWelcome to the Danby family. We are proud of our quality products, and we believe in dependable service, like you willfind in this Owner’s Use and Care Guide, and like you will receive from our friendly customer service department. Best ofall, you will experience these values each and every time you use your Danby appliance. That is important, because yournew appliance will be a part of your family for a long time.For easy reference, we suggest you attach a copy of your sales slip/recei

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Important Safety InformationREAD AND FOLLOW ALL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSFOR YOUR SAFETY: Read these instructions carefully before operating the unit.ELECTRICALSPECIFICATIONS1) All wiring must comply with local and national electrical codes and mustbe installed by a qualified electrician. If you have any questionsregarding the following instructions, contact a qualified electrician.2) Check available power supply and resolve any wiring problemsBEFORE installing and operating this unit.3) This 115V air

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Important Safety InformationREAD AND FOLLOW ALL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSFOR YOUR SAFETY: Read these instructions carefully before operating the unit.ENERGY SAVING TIPSYour Danby appliance is designed to be highly efficient in energysavings. Follow these recommendations for greater efficiency.1) Select a thermostat setting that suits your comfort needs and leave atthat chosen setting.2) The air filter is very efficient in removing airborne particles. Keep the airfilter clean at all times. (usually cle

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Installation InstructionsINSTALLATIONHARDWAREFig. 11/2in. (13mm)screws (7)3/8in. (9.5mm) screws(4) *Factory installedon some modelsSafety Lock (1)“L” Shapedmountingbracket (1)* Factory installedon some modelsSash bracket (2)AdhesiveFoam Seal(1)Side Curtain RH (1)Side Curtain LH (1)RegularFoam Seal(1)LOCATIONA) This room air conditioner is designed to fit easily into a single or doublehung window. However, since window designs vary, it may benecessary to make some modifications for safe, prop

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Installation InstructionsLOCATIONAwningFig. 220”Min12” Min20”MinSideObstructionFence,wall, orotherobstacle30”MinGround1) Assembly of the Upper Channel to Cabinet. )DFWRU\LQVWDOOHGRQVRPHunits.)‡“L” ShapedTRSChannel: InstDOOWKH“L” shapedchannelWRWKHWRSRIthecabinetDVshownLQFig. 3usingIRXU  ´screws.2) Assembly of the Side Curtains to Cabinet.‡([WHQGWKHVKXWWHUIURPWKHVKXWWHUIUDPHDQGslideLWLQWRWKHVKXWWHUtabsRQWKHVLGHchannelRIWKHDLUcon

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Installation Instructions3) Completing the Installation (cont)‡CarefullySODFHWKHDLUconditionerLQWRWKHwindowZLWKWKH“L” shapedmountingEUDFNHW RQWRS positionedLQIURQWRIWKHupperwindowsash.7KHERWWRPRIWKHcabinetshouldEHpositionedRQWKH“recessed”portionRIWKHwindowIUDPH3XOOWKHwindowdownXQWLOLWrestVMXVWbehindtheIURQWflangeRIWKH(top) “L” shapedmountingEUDFNHW(See Fig. 5).‡ExpDQGWKHVKXWWHUIUDPHV IXOO\ RQHDFKVLGHDQGVHFXUHWKHWRSR

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Operating InstructionsKEY PAD FEATURESLED DISPLAY: Displays the following information independently - SetTemperature, Ambient RoomTemperature and Auto Timer On/Off settings.POWER: Turns unit On/Off.NOTE: The unit will automatically launch the Energy Saver function when it isin Cool, Dry, and Auto modes (only Auto-Cool and Auto-Fan modes).MODE: Allows you to scroll through and select the desired operatingmode: Cool , Dry , Fan Only and *Auto. The selected mode will be denoted by the adjacent indi

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Operating InstructionsWhile the Air Conditioner is on (Auto-Off):1) 3UHVVWKHAuto-TLPHUEXWWRQWZLFHDQGWKHadjacentAuto-OfIindicatorOLJKWwillilluminate.2) 8VHWKHTemp/TLPHUFRQWUROFXUVRUVWRVHOHFWDdelayedOfIWLPHRIupWRhours.3) 7KHWLPH\RXselectedwillappearLQWKH/('display7KH$XWR2Qand$XWROfIWLPHUFDQoperateduringWKHVDPHprogramE\definingtheAuto-OfIpDUDPHWHUVimmediatelyafWHUWKH$XWR2Qparameters.TheAuto-TLPHUPD\EHcancelledDWDQ\WLPHE\turningWKH

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Operating InstructionsREMOTECONTROLLERBUTTONSON/OFF buttonMODE buttonOperation starts whenthis button is pressedand stops when thebutton is pressed again.NOTE:The unit will automatically launch the EnergySaver function when it is inCool, Dry, and Auto modes(Auto-Cool and Auto-Fanmodes).Each time you pressthis button, a mode isselected in a sequencethat consists of Auto,Cool, Dry, Fan, andback to Auto.TEMP UP buttonTEMP DOWN buttonPush this button toincrease the temperature setting in 1°Cincreme

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Operating InstructionsUSING THE REMOTECONTROLLERBUTTONS1233AUTO OPERATIONEnsure the unit is plugged in and power isavailable.1) Press the ON/OFF button to start the airconditioner.2) Press the mode button and selectAUTO.3) Press the TEMP/button toset the desired temperature. Thetemperature can be set within a range of17°C to 30°C in 1°C increments.NOTE1. In the Auto mode, the air conditioner can logically choose the mode ofCool, Fan, Dehumidifying by sensing the difference between theactual a

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Operating InstructionsUSING THE REMOTECONTROLLERBUTTONS1SLEEP OPERATION‡ In this mode, the selected temperature willincrease (when in cooling mode) by 2°F onehalf-hour after sleep mode has been selected.‡ The temperature will then increase by another2°F after an additional half-hour.‡ This new temperature will be maintained for 6hours before returning to the originally selectedtemperature. This ends the Sleep mode and theunit will continue to operate as originally programmed.‡ The Sleep mo

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Operating InstructionsUSING THE REMOTECONTROLLERBUTTONSTIMER OPERATIONTo set the Auto-start time.11) Push the TIMER button when the unit isoperational; only the Auto-stop featurecan be set.2) Keep pressing the TIMER button. Eachpress will increase the selected time by1 hour increments, up to 24 hours.3) The time can be set in a range of 0 - 24hours.4) After the desired time has been selected,wait for about 10 seconds, until the settingtemperature reappears in the display windowof the air conditi

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Operating InstructionsThe remote controller is powered byone button cell housed in the rear partand protected by a cover. Remove thebutton cell according to the arrowmarked at the back of the remotecontroller.CHANGING THEBATTERIES ON THEREMOTE1oljl}ç1. Slightly press “A” positionaccording to the number 1arrow direction by yourforefinger.22. Press “B” position and pull itaccording to the number 2arrow direction by yourthumb.12Protect the remote control from hightemperatures, and keep it

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Care and MaintenanceNOTE: In order to avoid electric shock, please turnoff the A/C and unplug the plug before maintenance or repair.CLEANINGWhen cleaning the air conditioner be sure to disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet.1. DO NOT use gasoline, benzene, thinner, or any other chemicals to clean this unit, as these substances may causedamage to the ¿nish and deformation of plastic parts.2. Never attempt to clean the unit by pouring water directly over any of the surface areas, as

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TroubleshootingOccasionally a problem may arise that is minor in nature, and a service call may not be neccessary. Use this troubleshooting guide for a possible solution. If the unit continues to operate improperly, call an authorized service depot orDanby`s Toll Free Number 1-800-263-2629 for assistance.PROBLEMPOSSIBLE CAUSESOLUTIONAir conditioner willnot operate••No power to the unit••Check connection of power cord to powersource.Check fuse or circuit breaker.The power cord “RESET”

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LIMITEDIN-HOMEAPPLIANCEWARRANTYLIMITEDAPPLIANCEWARRANTYThis qualityquality productis warrantedto be free frommanufacturer’sin material anddefectsworkmanship,provided thattheworkmanship,unit isused underthe normalThisproductis warrantedto befree fromdefectsmanufacturer’sin materialandprovidedthatoperatingthe unit isconditionsintendedby the manufacturer.usedunderthe normaloperating conditions intended by the manufacturer.Thisis availableonlyto thepersontowaswhomthesoldunitsold(Canada)by DanbyP

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BIENVENUEBienvenue dans la famille Danby. Nous sommes fiers de la qualité de nos produits et nous croyons fermement au servicepar une assistance fiable. Vous découvrirez au travers de ce quide, facile d’utilisation et vous en aurez la confirmation parnotre service d’assistance à la clientèle. Mais ce qui est encore mieux, vous pourrez bénéficier de ces valeurs à chaqueutilisation de votre appareil. Ceci est important parce que votre nouvel appareil fera partie de votre famille pour lo